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Welcome to NASUWT Inner London

Kathy Duggan

NASUWT National Executive Member for Inner London

‘NASUWT The Only Teachers Union. Led by Teachers for Teachers.’


Inner London NASUWT led by working teachers for working teachers

Dear NASUWT Member
Welcome to our website. I am Kathy Duggan. I am a Lewisham teacher and I am your Local Secretary for Lewisham and National Executive Member representing NASUWT members across Inner London.
As a lay officer for NASUWT I consult and negotiate on your behalf on all matters related to your pay and conditions and represent members in casework.
NASUWT are here for you to support and represent members with workplace issues. For information and support phone our free National Members Support Line on 03330 145550.
If you want to be more involved, need help or support contact me .

Best wishes
Kathy Duggan NASUWT

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