Action in Forest Hill School - Meeting with NASUWT members 29.6.17

Dear NASUWT FHS members

Thank you for attending the FHS meeting today.

During our consultation with Mike Sullivan and Lewisham on your workload and matters connected to the reorganisation we have achieved on the issues that you told us were your prime concerns at the time:-

Workload Impact Assessment.

An undertaking to agree a new marking policy.

No more written reports from September.

Data input within NASUWT action short of strike action instructions.

No more cover.

A published school calendar  - final draft to be agreed. That clearly shows you are working within directed time.

One one hour meeting a week for classroom teachers – no meeting when there's e.g. A parents' evening.


There is some way to go. As a result of the last consultation meeting and  today's meeting with members -  Items on the agenda for our next consultation meeting with Mike Sullivan and Lewisham will include:-

Trapped time and twilight sessions.

Unfilled teaching posts – putting too much pressure on existing teachers.

Difficulties with new timetables.

Inadequate CPD.

The number and nature of observations – issues with Blue Sky.


NASUWT would like you to send us your new timetables as and when you receive them. We need to examine the feasibility of the new timetables and bring our concerns to our consultation meetings on your behalf. Please e mail timetables to me


To protect yourselves you are strongly advised to follow NASUWT Action Short of Strike Action instructions which have been distributed to you by e mail. You can also find instructions on the NASUWT website. Tomorrow I am going to arrange for hard copies to be sent to FHS. Colleagues at FHS who are following Action Short of Strike Action ,for which you are legally protected, are finding it invaluable. Try to make sure that new members of teaching staff know about Action Short of Strike Action and receive a NASUWT membership pack – I will be sending Godwin Kanton a supply.


I will feedback to you as soon as we have had our next consultation meeting.

In the meantime I hope you can enjoy the rest of this term knowing that NASUWT are making progress during this difficult time.

We know that some of your colleagues are taking days of strike action. Their dispute was begun over the, now completed, reorganisation and now appears to be about funding and the NUT’s national Campaign to halt the Government school funding cuts. NASUWT do not agree with the funding cuts which are hitting London schools very hard. We argue and lobby against the cuts nationally and support the head teachers who wrote to the Dfe – these are national not local problems. It is not the responsibility for one school’s membership to shoulder the weight of a national issue.

In addition FHS is being forced now to deal with a budget deficit. It's unfair and has forced the reorganisation. There is one forced redundancy half a dozen voluntary redundancies and many teachers have left the school over and above the usual annual turnover. Ironically many teachers who have resigned are, apparently, also striking. No one could say this is a happy situation. The employer – Lewisham Local Authority – doesn't have any money because of Government cuts – we have gone full circle.

The curriculum offer to FHS boys has been cut and regrettably the creative subjects have been hardest hit. Parents and carers will make their own decisions when they see the reduced offer  together with continuous strike action publicised in the press. This could result in falling rolls which in turn impacts budgets.

NASUWT members voted not to take actual strike action. Members wanted to centre our dispute on what we can achieve on workload.We are in a dispute still and there is work to be done and conversations to be had. We have every confidence that your situation will be better as a result.

Please let me know if you have individual issues you need us to know about or other items for the agenda.

This letter and other local and national NASUWT news and information can be found at

In the ‘Action in Forest Hill School ‘ tab. Here you will also find messages of support to you from NASUWT members all over the UK.


Best wishes in solidarity.

Kathy Duggan NASUWT

Messages of support for Forest Hill School members - Bromley NASUWT

Dear Colleagues

On behalf of the Bromley Division, London District 24 I am sending messages from my members supporting you in your efforts to stand firm against your employers and to congratulate the members in Forest Hill School for their solidarity. We are right behind you and we know from experience how important these messages are when you feel isolated and vulnerable.

Good luck

Best wishes

Martha Ellison
Negotiating Secretary  Bromley

Messages of support for Forest Hill School members - District 21 NASUWT

Dear Kathy

Please pass on our gratitude to members at Forest Hill School for taking a stand to support ASOSA, we recognise that members would not have taken the decision lightly and we are thankful that they have been courageous in taking action.

Best wishes

District 21

Messages of support for Forest Hill School members - West Essex NASUWT

Dear Kathy,

Please  take our support to the members at Forest Hill. The members in West Essex hope that the management will see sense soon.
David Gordon
West Essex area secretary

Messages of support for Forest Hill School members - Knowsley NASUWT

Dear Kathy,
Please pass on the full support of Knowsley NASUWT to members at Forest Hill School, London,  who are taking escalated industrial action as a result of the Employer’s unacceptable response to the Union's national action short of strike action. 

It is completely unacceptable for any employer to not provide minimum terms and conditions to allow teacher's to focus on their core job of teaching and learning.  By doing so they impede out member's ability to raise standards and give the children and young people in their care the best possible learning experience.

I know that members do not take strike action lightly.

I applaud their courage and determination in standing up for their rights and the rights of future teachers at Forest Hill School, London.

We salute you!
Damien McNulty 
Local Negotiating Secretary Knowsley NASUWT
National Executive Member (District 6)