NASUWT National Executive Report February 2020

NASUWT National Executive Report February 2020

Chris Holland & Kathy Duggan

Welcome to February’s National Executive Report.

This month’s highlights included:-

  • Nick Gibb has indicated the government will support a bill to reduce the cost of schools uniforms for families.
  • Industrial action in Wales is planned to improve the pay and conditions for teachers.
  • A flat pay structure for teachers has been fielded with a starting rate of 30k for new teachers but with little progression. This will be challenged by our advice to the STRB.
  • Government are proposing changes to the NQT schemes and structures for training.
  • As a result of Brexit the cost of school meals may rise due to the increased costs of importing fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Headteacher’s, in particular members of NAHT, continue to demand that UPS3 teachers take on more responsibilities ( not acceptable ).

Teachers asked what are their main concerns in the workplace. Workload came out top with pupil behaviour second and pay third. This is certainly my findings talking with Inner London members - what do you think?

Reports from the new OFSTED framework - mixed. However it is clear that an inspector carrying out an inspection on their own is not as accountable as a pair or a team.

Chris and I continue to be involved in disputes where independent schools are trying to withdraw from TPS.

If you are attending National Conference please ensure you have verified your credentials and booked your hotel accommodation.

Remember you can familiarise yourselves with our conference motions if you are too late to make amendments from your local meetings - plot an amendment from the floor!  Also don’t forget to plan ahead if you or someone from your group wants to speak to a motion at conference. Get together to speech write and perfect your performances!

NASUWT run a variety of training courses both to bring lay officers up to date and to learn new skills appropriate to activism and organising. Have a look on and sign up.

Chris and I look forward to catching up with you at local meetings.

Happy February.

Chris Holland & Kathy Duggan

National Executive Report January 2020

Class full of people holding smartphones up to a whiteboard. Caption says: And Then The Teacher Said You May Take Notes


National Executive Report January 2020


Kathy Duggan and Chris Holland

Welcome to the first report from 2020.

Happy New Year.


New year, new government, new challenges for NASUWT we continue to support and represent members wherever you work as teachers.

Please encourage and help members to get nominated to attend National Conference this year in Birmingham. The deadline is 17th. January. Greater London have organised a Drinks and Nibbles Reception for the Saturday evening at The Bank in Brindley Place.

This will be the final conference that Chris Keates is our General Secretary (acting) Dr. Patrick Roach is now General Secretary elect and will continue serving as Deputy General Secretary until the last day of National Conference. There is a process underway to install a new Deputy General Secretary.

There is a continuing threat to the pensions of colleagues working in the independent sector. Many independent schools are considering withdrawing from Teachers Pension Scheme. Chris Holland is organising industrial action at one independent school in Greenwich. Kathy Duggan balloted in Lambeth and there’s a further threat in Lewisham.

The crisis of teacher supply has not gone away. Recruitment and retention is a massive problem particularly in Inner London. The two most prevalent reason teachers leave the profession are workload and pupil indiscipline - pay runs a close third. It’s unsure if higher salaries would fully compensate for workload or pupil indiscipline, however unaffordable housing in London must be a significant factor coupled with high public transport fares for commuters.

Chris and Kathy look forward to catching up with you at your upcoming meetings.

Best wishes

Chris Holland and Kathy Duggan

National Executive Report Nov 2019

NASUWT National Executive Report

November 2019

Chris Holland and Kathy Duggan National Executive Members for Inner London NASUWT



Dear NASUWT Inner London Secretaries and Activists

Welcome to our November National Executive Report. It’s the season of Festivals of Light and we wish you all belated Happy Diwali and Bonfire Night - hopefully there were no firework related mishaps!

Best wishes

Kathy Duggan and Chris Holland

General Secretary’s Report

Run up to the General Election. We must all use our vote - goes without saying. Across the country the polls show that teachers vote across all political parties.

We all need to be on guard that our rights as employees are not eroded no matter what the outcomes for Brexit or the election are. Eduction is a hot topic in the campaigning - schools and teachers being offered a lot of inducements to win votes - buyer beware!

Your National Executive Members asked questions about fire alarms and lock down procedures in schools, making performance management better and supply teachers right to opt in to the Teachers’ Pension Scheme.

It beholden on National Executive Members to uphold Executive’s unanimous decision to nominate Deputy General Secretary Dr. Patrick Roach to serve as our new General Secretary. Local Associations in our District 23 have nominated Patrick where meetings have been quorate. Nominations close on 9th. December. Patrick is the most qualified candidate and will deserve our wholehearted support.

We hope to see as many of you as possible at the upcoming Greater London Regional Conference 30th. November at the Amba Hotel, Charing Cross. Dr. Patrick Roach is our keynote speaker and there are many interesting workshops. We will also be welcoming David Kitchen our National President to chair the event. Thank you to those who have registered to attend there may be some places left so please contact the Regional Office on 020 7490 6130 if you want to come.

Chris Holland & Kathy Duggan D23 NEMs.

National Executive Report July 2019

A beach on a sunny day with a clear, blue sea

NASUWT Executive Members Kathy Duggan & Chris Holland


Dear Inner London NASUWT

Welcome to July’s National Executive Report. We would like to wish you all a lovely, restful and invigorating summer holiday.


A few updates and reminders:-

Your NEMs asked questions about National Conference venues - we would like to see more in the south of the country.

Chris Holland examines the financial aspects of the Treasurer’s Report and will always pull officers up on the detail and occasionally will point out errors.


Local Secretaries - please set the dates for your local meetings and the regional office have those dates for the autumn mailing which must go out four weeks after the beginning of term. Remember that you can call a Special General Meeting out of synch if you need to do so.


Make very sure that your local association consider conference motions and if one or more is agreed get them in by the deadline. NASUWT thrives on a dynamic and interesting National Conference. 2020’s Conference is in Birmingham, easy to travel to and greet hotels - get your Conference Reps organised in good time.


Most local authorities still have NQT welcome days. Find out when yours is. Order your recruitment packs to be delivered to the venues and go yourself - RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT - we are the only bespoke teachers union and we offer the best service to teachers.


DON’T give in to being used for endless cover during gained time - the exams are over this doesn’t mean your conditions of service have been suspended!


I’m sure all your pupil reports are now written and handed in - try not to get pulled in to endless rewriting to suit the sensitivities  your particular Head teachers.


Lastly - personal gripe - don’t hurt yourselves entering the staff race on sports day. You’ve been warned! 


 Best wishes

Chris Holland & Kathy Duggan


National Executive Report June 2019

Eid al-fitr mubarak

National Executive Report June 2019

Kathy Duggan, Chris Holland NASUWT Inner London National Executive

Dear Activists and Members

Welcome to this Report from today’s National Executive meeting in Rednal. We would like to wish everyone a joyful Eid and hope that all of us have the chance to get out and enjoy the summer weather - not stay indoors marking books!

ABUSE: Verbal and physical abuse. Aggressive, offensive, intimidatory or disrespectful behaviour WILL NOT BE TOLERATEDNASUWT, on your Inner London National Executive Members’ insistence, have now issued posters to aid members with saftey at work. School Reps have been sent these by e mail and further copies are available from the Regional Centre. Please make sure these posters are displayed prominently in your schools.

I have been successful is getting procedures for lockdown and violent incidents firmly in the sights of Lewisham Local Authority.

Please insist that proper risk assessments are being carried out for all school activities and events that could pose a risk to members.

Your National Executive Members asked questions this morning on:-

National Conference Venues post 2020

The STRB recommendations for 2019/20 - Government dragging their feet again you may not get your September pay award until October.

Government have put off the revaluation of teachers’ pension and benefits.

Please RSVP to the invitation to attend the twilight training session on The Rules of the Union and full involvement in Conference and elections to union posts etc 1st. July at the Regional Centre.

Local Association Meetings - Chris Holland and I try to attend as many as we can but please check you are not calling meetings that clash with other local association meetings in D23 or National Executive meetings. The Regional Centre has the dates.

We must improve our involvement at National Conference. Please consider ideas for National Conference Motions now! Put Conference Motions on your association’s meeting agendas.

Important Date - 21st. June Regional Committee. Secretaries don’t forget to come it begins at 11am at the Regional Centre - or send an alternative officer from your association. This particular meeting includes a crucial briefing on changes to the rules of engagement for Regional Committees.

Best wishes

Chris Holland and Kathy Duggan National Executive Inner London