England Pupil Indiscipline Posters

Please find attached a set of posters which have been placed on the website and sent to workplace representatives with an accompanying letter, a copy of which is attached. A link to the posters has also been emailed to all members. Regional centres are also being supplied with additional copies and the posters are also downloadable from the website. We will also be using social media to promote these and take copies to conferences and events.

Two of the posters focus on sending out messages to members about tackling pupil indiscipline. The NASUWT Big Question Survey shows that pupil indiscipline is in the top three concerns of teacher which is why it featured in the 10 minute briefings, which were distributed at the start of the academic year, to support visits to schools in your areas co-ordinated by your National Executive Members and Regional Organisers. Our casework on pupil indiscipline, both individually and collectively, over the last few months has increased significantly. It is particularly important that we get our strong message out, regarding teachers’ right to a safe working environment, to special schools and units where teachers are often told that being verbally or physically abused is all part of the job. As you know the NASUWT has a record second to none in tackling these issues successfully, and successful casework on this supports recruitment and retention of members.

The other posters are quotes from the Report we recently highlighted to you on Making Data Work, which had been issued by the DfE Advisory Group on Teacher Workload. A couple of weeks ago I sent a briefing on that Report to local and negotiating secretaries, highlighting some key quotes from the Report which I know from feedback many of you have put to good use in your representations on objective setting in connection with performance management. The posters will highlight this to teachers at a time when many of them are going through their PM reviews and objective setting.

Eng ABUSE posters.pdf

Eng Did you know poster.pdf

Eng Pupils behaviour posters.pdf

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