PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT- an end to objectives based on data.

Dear Colleagues

Towards the end of last week I distributed to you copies of posters relating to performance management, particularly the use of data in relation to objective setting. The quotes on the posters were from the Report ‘Making Data Work’. 

An email link to the posters was sent to all members and this has generated some queries about objective setting, particularly where objectives had been set before the publication of the Report and our advice, and those objectives are based on the use of data in a way which makes them unrealistic and unachievable. In these cases, we should still consider challenging the objective and seek to have it amended on the basis of the very helpful outcome of the DfE Advisory Group on Teacher Workload ‘Making Data Work’ – a briefing on this Report was sent to lay activists and members a couple of weeks ago straight after the report was published.

Even if an objective has been ‘agreed’ in the performance management planning meeting, if its based on poor practice and misuse of data then we can press for it to be reviewed. In most cases data driven objectives are applied to all teachers, so in most cases we are more than likely to be able to tackle this on a collective rather than individual basis, following reference to your National Executive Member.

If a school is setting data objectives across the board then its policy is not compliant with the NASUWT policy anyway, unless the wording in our guidance has been adopted.

Please bear in mind that ASCL, NAHT and the NGA have all signed a covering letter to the Report stating that they endorse its findings and  the Report is supported by the DfE and Ofsted, so where there is any push back from headteachers who are members of those associations or from governors they should be reminded of this.

Best wishes

Chris Keates (Ms)

General Secretary