Newsletter March 2020

Dear NASUWT Lewisham Member

I’m writing to you in place of our usual newsletter.

We are all experiencing difficult, unprecedented times. Our personal and working lives affected in a way we never thought possible.


NASUWT Lewisham has been in constant communication with your employers. The majority of you are employed by Lewisham Local Authority.  Some others by Multi Academy Trusts, stand-alone Academies and Free Schools.


You will all be working under new arrangements. Mostly these new arrangements are taking the form of rota systems and they vary from workplace to workplace. It is important that members who are working on school and college sites are confident that the best possible hygiene and social distancing measures are in place. It is also important that appropriate Risk Assessments are carried out and reviewed regularly.


In response to my correspondence with Lewisham Local Authority we have agreed that reorganisations; meetings in person; procedures involving meetings to discuss Capability, Disciplinary Investigations, Hearings etc. will be postponed.


NASUWT National Conference has been cancelled in its usual form. A virtual conference will take place. My fellow National Member for Inner London and I have nominated a Local Secretary to represent us during this virtual conference at Easter.


For continuing updated information please look on


Wash Your Hands

Stay Home and Save Lives


Best wishes

Kathy Duggan

NASUWT Lewisham Negotiating Secretary

National Executive Member - Inner London

Newsletter Autumn Term 2019


This newsletter has been amended to correct some errors in dates shown in the hard copy you have received in the post - apologies - this was an administration mistake made after the editorial had been agreed.


NASUWT Lewisham Association

Newsletter Autumn Term 2019

Dear NASUWT Lewisham Member

Welcome to our first newsletter of the year and welcome back to work.  I hope you have had an enjoyable and invigorating summer holiday.

I have just returned from Trade Union Congress 2019, as expected a lot of the debate had a Brexit focus. However, NASUWT had a very high profile amongst the speakers and Chris Keates, our Acting General Secretary, spoke movingly about the increasing threat of violence that our members meet in schools every day.  As you know this is an issue NASUWT Lewisham have brought to the notice of employers, members and our own Executive for many months.  Teachers do not go to work to be verbally or physical intimidated.

This is the time of year when the Appraisal cycle begins.  Performance Management and Appraisals can be a stressful time for teachers.  Please look at and heed our advice on Performance Management on the NASUWT website.

I hope that as a member of NASUWT you would recommend any teacher to join us.  We are the only dedicated teachers’ union.  If you do recruit a new member and they name you on their details you will receive a Love Shopping Voucher - so it’s well worth the effort!

The Greater London Regional Conference 2019

The Greater London Regional Conference is taking place on Saturday 30th November 2019.  The Regional Conference is due to be held at The Amba Hotel Charing Cross, from 10am to 3.30pm.  It is free for any member of the NASUWT in Greater London and refreshments will be provided throughout the day.

If you would like to attend the Regional Conference, please e-mail the Greater London Regional Centre or call 020 7490 6130 to book your place.

Annual Conference 2020

You will have received an e-mail from our Acting General Secretary, Chris Keates, about the NASUWT Annual Conference taking place in Birmingham from Friday 10th April to Monday 13th April 2020.  The Lewisham Association will be electing up to 8 Representatives.  Please consider applying to represent our local association.

The deadline for nominations to Annual Conference is Friday 17th January 2020.  Further details of the NASUWT Annual Conference 2020, including nomination forms, can be found on the NASUWT website or by calling Stuart Darke, Regional Organiser, on 020 7490 6130.

Local Officer and Local Executive Committee Elections

Members of the NASUWT who are serving teachers represent, support and advise other members of the Union.  Annually you can elect your Local Association Officers and Executive Committee, who meet between General Meetings to carry out the business of the NASUWT in Lewisham.  You can vote to elect for the following positions: negotiating Secretary, Vice President, Treasurer and up to 6 Committee Members.  The deadline for nominations is Thursday, 20 February 2020.  If you want any further information or a nomination form, please contact Stuart Darke, Regional Organiser, on 020 7490 6130 or by email .

Local Association Meetings

I ask you to consider attending our Local Association meetings that will be held throughout the academic year.  New activists in our association are always welcome.  Our meetings this academic year will start at 4.30pm and will finish no later than 6pm.  All meetings will be held in Marvels Lane Children's Centre and will take place on the following dates: Thursday 31 October 2019, Thursday, 23 January 2020, Thursday 19 March 2020 (This is our Annual General Meeting) and Thursday 09 July 2020.  All members will receive a Calling Notice with an agenda for these meetings in advance.  Please do your best to attend as these meetings are your chance to decide how

your Union works in Lewisham.  Over the page is the Calling Notice for the first meeting of Lewisham Members.

Date:                Thursday 31 October 2019

Time:               4.30-6pm

Location:         Marvels Lane Children's Centre

  1. Welcome and apologies
  2. National and local issues affecting teachers and school leaders
  3. Reports from:

i)          Secretary

ii)         Treasurer

  1. Nominations for:

a)         General Secretary (deadline noon 9 December 2019)

b)         National Officer positions

i)           Junior Vice President (deadline noon 1 November 2019)

ii)          Honorary Treasurer (deadline noon 1 November 2019)

c)         Standing Orders Committee (deadline noon 31 January 2020)

d)         National Executive Members (deadline noon 3 April 2020)

  1. Conference Business including:

i)           Motions for Annual Conference 2020 (deadline 18 November 2019)

ii)          Indication of intention to attend National Conference 2020

  1. Facility time
  2. Association Budget
  3. Any other business

Local association meetings are a great chance for members to network with colleagues.  I hope to see you at this meeting of members!  Refreshments will be provided.

Local Association Rules

Any proposed amendments to the rules of the Lewisham Association should be submitted to me by no later than Saturday, 08 February 2020.  Please do this by sending an email to marking the email for my attention.  You will need to include your full name, membership details and contact information in order for me to contact you.

Workplace Representatives

If your school does not currently have an NASUWT Workplace Representative, then there is no reason why you could not take up this role and help the Union build a stronger presence in your school.  Please contact The Greater London Regional Centre if you are interested.  Contact details for the Regional Centre are below.  Our Union is all the stronger if every workplace has a NASUWT Representative.

E-mail contacts

The Lewisham Association is moving towards only sending e-mails to members instead of using the post.  This first newsletter of the academic year has been posted and e-mailed to members in accordance with the Rules of the Union.  Please ensure that you have provided the union with your current private e-mail address so that you will receive future newsletters by e-mail only.  You can do this by sending an email to the Greater London Regional Centre, or by calling 020 7490 6130.  If you choose to send an email you will need to include your full name, date of birth and the home address that is currently listed on your membership.  You will then need to provide the new information in order for your membership record to be updated.

Employment Advice

The NASUWT Member Support Advice Service can be contacted between 8.00am and 6.30pm on weekdays by ringing 03330 145550 or emailing .  The MSA service will deal with all requests from members for information, advice and support.  Assistance is literally only one phone call away.

I wish you every success in the academic year.  Please be assured that the NASUWT is fully committed to serve your best interests. 

Best wishes,

Kathy Duggan.

Negotiating Secretary - Lewisham National Executive Member – District 23


Printed and distributed on behalf of your Association by the NASUWT Greater London Regional Centre.

65 St John Street, London, EC1M 4AN, 020 7490 6130,

Lewisham News April 2019


NASUWT Lewisham


Dedicated Teachers Union

Here to Support You.


Your newly elected NASUWT Lewisham
Committee. From the left - Cynthia Harding Vice
President, Marita Sanders Special Ed, Hilary Vitty
co-opted Primary Rep, David Bickerton Assistant
Treasurer, Michele Prentice Treasurer, Mandy Keeble
(not in the photos) is our SACRE Rep and President.
On the right Kathy Duggan NASUWT Negotiating Secretary
for Lewisham and National Executive Member Inner London.


Dear NASUWT members,

A special welcome to new members. You may have come to us from another union or you may be new to the profession. In any case you are very, very welcome and congratulations on joining the best teachers’ trade union! Don't forget to recruit a colleague and if you do and are named on their application you'll receive a Love to Shop voucher.

Team NASUWT Lewisham has been busy this half term. We are fully involved in trying to consult on school reorganisations at Prendergast, Drumbeat and Sedgehill. So far teacher redundancy figures are low although a few redundancies are a few too many. A big concern is the middle manager reorganisations where TLR holders are going to be asked to do more for less. These are, in our view, budget led initiatives and together with cuts to support staff nearly everywhere the impact could be felt keenly.

I continue to press the Local Authority to put better strategies in place to protect our members against violent incidents in schools and colleges. My advice is: To refuse to carry out gate duties on your own. To ensure thorough risk assessments are carried out for any school social event e.g. Parents and Careers evenings. And to ask your school management what the difference is between a fire alarm and a lock down alarm. I've written to our General Secretary and hopefully our advice on keeping safe will be reissued after Easter. In the meantime it can be found on our national website, there is also a link on our Lewisham website which you can follow to then be directed to the nations website.

Best wishes

Kathy Duggan

Negotiating Secretary - Lewisham and National Executive Member – District 23