Commenting on the announcement by Government of a three year funding package for schools, Ms Chris Keates, General Secretary (Acting) of the NASUWT-The Teachers’ Union, said:

“There is no argument that increased investment for schools is desperately needed and therefore the announcement of extra funding is to be welcomed. 

“However, the detail of this extra funding will need to be closely scrutinised as in order to be of genuine benefit this must be ‘new’ investment, not recycling.

“It is also important that effective steps are taken to ensure that any additional funding is used equitably and effectively. Currently, the fragmentation of the education system has led, too often, to poor use of public money. An intensification of this fragmentation through, for example, an expansion in the Government’s academies and free school programmes, would be likely to make this problem worse, not better.

“We note the funding is to be staggered over three years, with most of the money not being delivered until the end of this period. Additional money is needed immediately to begin to address the impact which the years of austerity have had on our education service.”